Developing High School Baseball programs

Baseball programs at the senior high school level function in many different ways. Some operate in a simple way, and others may parallel college or university and professional applications. The attitudes of the instructor and the city will probably determine the particular level at which the program will function.

Before setting out to build up a program, a coach should ask himself these questions:

• Which kind of a coach do I want to be and in what capacity will I work?

• Just how much time am I inclined to put in to create a program?

• Just how much latitude will my institution supervision and community allow me in accumulating a program?

Creating a program can be difficult but fun. Within the development levels, results can usually be observed frequently, in so doing motivating the training staff and associates to keep their progress. Whenever a program has already reached a certain plateau of success, results could become less noticeable and history results could become targets. Such targets aren’t always genuine or fair and may possibly take a few of the fun out to be successful.

If maintaining an application becomes a hardship, or a few of the fun escapes, the instructor may need to develop ways of recapture a few of the zeal previously experienced in conducting the program. These strategies may need to cope with meeting targets, fair or not really, maintaining what has been produced, or continuing to progress.

Establishing a successful baseball program could be accomplished by several different strategies, using several philosophies. As I stated previously, the coach’s individuality and the institution system’s attitude affect your choice about which method the instructor will pursue, but most successful applications will incorporate certain common guidelines. In later posts we’ll talk more about our methods.

Top 3 Common Baseball Misconceptions

In case you are new to the sport of baseball, then here are some of the most common misconceptions that you should stop believing. As early as now, you need to keep these in mind and share them with your teammates when you find them guilty with these misconceptions.



When you are the one hitting the ball, there are a lot of ways to hit that all properly. Now the misconception here is that since most new players are hitting the ball while they step away like their front shoulder will be open which actually makes you not to hit the ball or no matter how fast you are in swinging that bat. So what you can do is to stride straight. Keep in mind that when you are hitting, it is not just a work of your upper body but your whole body.


The Bigger, the Better

Now when it comes to training, you must not focus on developing your muscles or growing your muscles. But you need to ensure that you are training to improve strength and power. It is mainly because it does not mean that the bigger your muscles are, the stronger you are. Another thing that you must remember is that the bigger the muscles are, it does not reassure that it is the strongest. And when you are still young, you do not need to worry about not having any muscles that are not showing any progress because, in the first place, your muscles will not grow when it is not yet mature.



This is the most common misconception of not just baseball players but most athletes in general. I read on the blog of the guy who does that it’s because when they think about flexibility it is just when they start to stretch right before a game or training. But in reality, it is about conditioning your body to be flexible not to prevent injury but to aid you in your performance. Especially in baseball, flexibility is imperative to perform hitting and pitching.


Core Development

Just like flexibility, the core development is also something that most athletes tend to overlook. This is because when referring to core development, the training will just be crunches and or sit ups. But in reality, core development is something that you need to be trained to aid you in your performance. Now, what you need to understand now is that training is not only for your body to look good but it is all about aiding you in your performance in every game.



10 Amazing Baseball Fun Facts


When you think you already know all about baseball, then think again. Here are some of the most amazing baseball fun facts that you must haven’t heard of.

  1. Have you heard of the baseball player who played baseball game for 16 consecutive years? Well, that was Cal Ripken, Jr. of Baltimore Orioles. Ripken played from 1982 up to 1998.
  2. Now, the oldest pro baseball team which was actually founded in 1869 is the team named Reds, but they were known as Cincinnati Red Stockings back then.
  3. Also, for newbies out there or those who wants to join baseball, you must know that it is 90 feet each for the exact measurement of those four bases.
  4. It might be impossible of hitting four runs in just one baseball game, but it was made possible by 14 baseball players. They were Bob Horner, Gil Hodges, Chuck Klein, Joe Adcock, Willie Mays, Ed Delahanty, Pat Seerey, Mike Cameron, Shawn Green, Bobby Lowe, Mike Schmidt, Lou Gehrig, Rocky Colavito, and Mark Whiten.
  5. Do you know that the country that has the largest baseball league that is played by professionals outside the United States of America is Japan? Even when the game started in the U.S., now it has been played all over the world.
  6. Also, the base that is stolen most of the time for every baseball game played in the whole history is the second base.
  7. Nowadays, you might haven’t seen a woman who played a major baseball league. But if you haven’t known it yet, there was a time that a girl played a major league and it was Effa Louise Manley. In fact, she was actually the only woman who is displayed in baseball’s Hall of Fame. Julia from is always telling me she plans to be the next women in the hall of fame!
  8. So is you are wondering why most visiting teams are wearing gray uniforms, well, it was actually a tradition that started in the late 1800’s. It was when visiting teams do not have enough time to wash their baseball uniforms. Thus they always wear gray so that the dirt on their uniforms are not visible to the audience.
  9. When you are watching a baseball game, it is expected that people will get hungry. And the most popular of them all are hotdogs, in fact, according to record, there were 21,357,316 hotdogs that baseball fans ate, and also, next to that are sausages, which 5,508,887 were sold. But take note, those numbers were just only based on the sales during a major baseball league in 2014.
  10. In case you are wondering if which material of bats is better, well wood bats are the ones being used in the main leagues, while most college level baseball matches, metal bats are being used.

Top 5 Dos and Don’ts in Baseball Tryouts

When you are going to a baseball tryout, there are things that you must do and not do. Going to such tryout is not much different from going to other sports try out. That is why here are the things that you may keep in mind when you are going to a baseball tryout.

  1. Don’t be late – This is actually self-explanatory. You do not want to be late because you do not want your coach to be having a negative first impression on you. As early as your tryout, ensure that you are always on time, and it would also be better when you come to the tryout earlier than you are supposed to arrive. So that you will be able to see how the place is like. Also, you can also condition yourself before you’re the start of the tryout so that you will be comfortable while playing. I was running from a meeting with the party catering services company, and was late for my first tryout! Definitely don’t do what I did.
  2. Be you – There are times that when players are going for tryouts, they will act as one of their idols or someone they like to portray. But it is actually not advisable because you have your own strengths, and when you want to become a great baseball player, you can be more than just the baseball player that you are looking up to. There is a lot more in you than anybody in this world that you want to copy.
  3. Dress appropriately – By dressing the right way shows the coach or coaches that you are serious in trying out and not someone who looks like who just passed the field and suddenly decided to try out by wearing just a shirt and jeans.
  4. Be humble – One of the things that coaches are looking for are players whom they know they will not have problems with attitude. They may be looking for attitude when you play, but the attitude toward other players is important.
  5. Have fun – When you are going to try out for the first time, never forget to have fun. Even if it’s not your first time, you still need to have a good time because you will never know when will be the next time you that you will be able to join a tryout or play on the field where tryouts are held.

Therefore, skills and confidence are not enough to show when you are going to tryouts. Keep in mind that a positive attitude also matters the most.


Jersey Queen

I love my baseball jerseys. I’m so happy that I joined the league that I wanted to. Next time will you come out to see my game in Anaheim? That’s where I’ll be playing next. My brother Frank is coming out to see me and cheer me on while I’m pitching. I have to say, I throw the meanest curve ball. I trick out all the ladies. I can even trick the men, too! They say I’m the best female pitcher around.

Here is my favorite clip about baseball jerseys.

How to Achieve Your Best Potential as a Baseball Player

In every sport that you join, you will always have the chance to be the best that you can. That is why on this post, you will be able to learn how you can achieve your best potential as a baseball player. These tips are well suited for those who are new to baseball.



Like the saying goes that you need to practice to make something perfect, but in reality, there is nothing perfect. But you just need to keep on practicing as much as you can so that you will be able to be a better player every time you play. Hence, it will make you achieve your best potential as a baseball player.  What you need to keep in mind is that you do not need to be a perfect player for baseball, what you need to do is to be better every time.


Never Stop Learning

Even when there are already a lot of people saying that you are the best player on your team, it is not a reason for you to stop learning. Keep in mind that time is changing; therefore nothing is permanent, and there will always be younger and better players than you. That is why you must not stop learning when you want to be always at your best or to be the best baseball player. But when you are a newbie, what you can do is to be focused on baseball, learn almost everything related to baseball, like reading articles. You may also want to watch a lot of baseball games so that you will be able to familiarize the rules of the game.


Keep Training

When you keep on training, this does not only mean that you do not stop learning but as an athlete, it is important that you train not just your brain but your body as well. Now, when you are going for training or workout, keep in mind to only train according to your coach’s recommendations or a professional baseball trainer because there are power or strength training designs that are not really beneficial to baseball players. Also, you need to train not just for power or strength but as well as speed because it is much needed when using the bat.


Be Confident

Now, no matter how great your baseball skills are when you do not have confidence in you, you will not be able to achieve your most significant potential as a baseball player. This is because self-confidence is how much you trust yourself to perform well during baseball games.