10 Amazing Baseball Fun Facts


When you think you already know all about baseball, then think again. Here are some of the most amazing baseball fun facts that you must haven’t heard of.

  1. Have you heard of the baseball player who played baseball game for 16 consecutive years? Well, that was Cal Ripken, Jr. of Baltimore Orioles. Ripken played from 1982 up to 1998.
  2. Now, the oldest pro baseball team which was actually founded in 1869 is the team named Reds, but they were known as Cincinnati Red Stockings back then.
  3. Also, for newbies out there or those who wants to join baseball, you must know that it is 90 feet each for the exact measurement of those four bases.
  4. It might be impossible of hitting four runs in just one baseball game, but it was made possible by 14 baseball players. They were Bob Horner, Gil Hodges, Chuck Klein, Joe Adcock, Willie Mays, Ed Delahanty, Pat Seerey, Mike Cameron, Shawn Green, Bobby Lowe, Mike Schmidt, Lou Gehrig, Rocky Colavito, and Mark Whiten.
  5. Do you know that the country that has the largest baseball league that is played by professionals outside the United States of America is Japan? Even when the game started in the U.S., now it has been played all over the world.
  6. Also, the base that is stolen most of the time for every baseball game played in the whole history is the second base.
  7. Nowadays, you might haven’t seen a woman who played a major baseball league. But if you haven’t known it yet, there was a time that a girl played a major league and it was Effa Louise Manley. In fact, she was actually the only woman who is displayed in baseball’s Hall of Fame. Julia from http://anaheimpoolcleaners.com is always telling me she plans to be the next women in the hall of fame!
  8. So is you are wondering why most visiting teams are wearing gray uniforms, well, it was actually a tradition that started in the late 1800’s. It was when visiting teams do not have enough time to wash their baseball uniforms. Thus they always wear gray so that the dirt on their uniforms are not visible to the audience.
  9. When you are watching a baseball game, it is expected that people will get hungry. And the most popular of them all are hotdogs, in fact, according to record, there were 21,357,316 hotdogs that baseball fans ate, and also, next to that are sausages, which 5,508,887 were sold. But take note, those numbers were just only based on the sales during a major baseball league in 2014.
  10. In case you are wondering if which material of bats is better, well wood bats are the ones being used in the main leagues, while most college level baseball matches, metal bats are being used.

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