Developing High School Baseball programs

Baseball programs at the senior high school level function in many different ways. Some operate in a simple way, and others may parallel college or university and professional applications. The attitudes of the instructor and the city will probably determine the particular level at which the program will function.

Before setting out to build up a program, a coach should ask himself these questions:

• Which kind of a coach do I want to be and in what capacity will I work?

• Just how much time am I inclined to put in to create a program?

• Just how much latitude will my institution supervision and community allow me in accumulating a program?

Creating a program can be difficult but fun. Within the development levels, results can usually be observed frequently, in so doing motivating the training staff and associates to keep their progress. Whenever a program has already reached a certain plateau of success, results could become less noticeable and history results could become targets. Such targets aren’t always genuine or fair and may possibly take a few of the fun out to be successful.

If maintaining an application becomes a hardship, or a few of the fun escapes, the instructor may need to develop ways of recapture a few of the zeal previously experienced in conducting the program. These strategies may need to cope with meeting targets, fair or not really, maintaining what has been produced, or continuing to progress.

Establishing a successful baseball program could be accomplished by several different strategies, using several philosophies. As I stated previously, the coach’s individuality and the institution system’s attitude affect your choice about which method the instructor will pursue, but most successful applications will incorporate certain common guidelines. In later posts we’ll talk more about our methods.

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