Top 3 Common Baseball Misconceptions

In case you are new to the sport of baseball, then here are some of the most common misconceptions that you should stop believing. As early as now, you need to keep these in mind and share them with your teammates when you find them guilty with these misconceptions.



When you are the one hitting the ball, there are a lot of ways to hit that all properly. Now the misconception here is that since most new players are hitting the ball while they step away like their front shoulder will be open which actually makes you not to hit the ball or no matter how fast you are in swinging that bat. So what you can do is to stride straight. Keep in mind that when you are hitting, it is not just a work of your upper body but your whole body.


The Bigger, the Better

Now when it comes to training, you must not focus on developing your muscles or growing your muscles. But you need to ensure that you are training to improve strength and power. It is mainly because it does not mean that the bigger your muscles are, the stronger you are. Another thing that you must remember is that the bigger the muscles are, it does not reassure that it is the strongest. And when you are still young, you do not need to worry about not having any muscles that are not showing any progress because, in the first place, your muscles will not grow when it is not yet mature.



This is the most common misconception of not just baseball players but most athletes in general. I read on the blog of the guy who does that it’s because when they think about flexibility it is just when they start to stretch right before a game or training. But in reality, it is about conditioning your body to be flexible not to prevent injury but to aid you in your performance. Especially in baseball, flexibility is imperative to perform hitting and pitching.


Core Development

Just like flexibility, the core development is also something that most athletes tend to overlook. This is because when referring to core development, the training will just be crunches and or sit ups. But in reality, core development is something that you need to be trained to aid you in your performance. Now, what you need to understand now is that training is not only for your body to look good but it is all about aiding you in your performance in every game.



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